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The Food and Beverage industry face challenges that others don’t. Whether you operate a dairy, brew beer, run a bakery or have a food processing plant – you are dealing with perishable items so down-time can be very costly, even disastrous.

There is another dimension to your business that other sectors do not have to deal with: the constantly increasing impact of European Union regulations, the HSE and FDA Approvals. Furthermore, throughout your facilities the high standards of food hygiene must be very evident, not solely to satisfy the legislation, but also to maintain the good name of your brands and avoid any damaging product recalls.

Lack of downtime is imperative to this sector, as sell-by dates and delivery to market must not delayed with perishable goods. Production plant must be available to develop and test new products, whilst normal production continues unaffected. At certain times of the year, seasonal products – Christmas Fare for instance, will see large increases in demand over particular time periods. At Engineers Mate, we understand these trends and appreciate the extra stresses and strains which can be exerted on production plant. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the Food and Beverage sector and we believe we are very well placed to help and support you, particularly at very busy times of the year.

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