The petrochemical industry operates very large plant and production facilities, and the full availability of that plant is vital to keep production costs at a minimum and efficiency at maximum levels. Rubber and plastics are produced from petroleum derivatives so the industry is susceptible to the pricing fluctuations of basic crude oil prices. These can be influenced by world-wide demand, general availability, global politics and regional conflicts – all of which this industry has no control over.

Another important area within this sector is health and safety. The raw materials can be acidic, very toxic and should be handled with great care. Furthermore, some of the largest industrial accidents around the world have occurred in this sector, such as fires, chemical spills and explosions – all of which attract great attention from the environmental lobby.

Halting production of a petrochemical plant through mechanical failure will be extremely costly and measures should be in place to take all steps to avoid such an occurrence. Planned maintenance and routine replacement of critical parts, a ready stock of spares and statistical information to help forecast breakdowns should be employed to avoid that unwanted and very costly failure. Engineers Mate is well placed to help with this type of support and our experience in this sector makes us a strong partner and key supplier.

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