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About Engineers Mate's Countersinks & Reamers

Achieve a professional finish with countersinks and reamers from EMIP.  We stock a wide range suitable for use on mild steel, nonferrous metals, plastics, wood, plywood and composite boards. Select from:

Countersinks – for countersinking screw holes for the flush fitting of screw heads. Can also be used for hole deburring.

Pilot drill bits – drill on contact with a flat on the shank to prevent slippage in the countersink.

Plug cutters - use in combination with a screwsink to prepare perfectly sized plugs to fill counterbored holes.

Screwsink - for drilling, countersinking and counterboring in one operation. Countersink assembly is moved up and down with hex key supplied to suit the depth of hole required.

Screwdiggers - fulfil the same function as a screwsink but have a sliding countersink, they drill, countersink and counterbore in one operation.