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About Engineers Mate's Decorating - Preparation

Spending time on preparation can result in a perfect finish and help to avoid decorating disasters along the way. Cover furniture, floors and carpets with woven or polythene dust sheets and mask areas such as light fittings and door furniture with a choice of long stay, low tack or delicate masking tape from our range of preparation products. You’ll find a comprehensive range of decorator’s knives and tools to effectively smooth, scrape and fill walls and woodwork before applying paint or wallpaper.  Make light work of the dreaded job of stripping wall paper with one of our wallpaper steamers which are invaluable when stripping multiple layers of wallpaper or wallpaper that has been painted over. See the entire section for more products to assist in your preparation including Sugar Soap, mould killers, Nitromors, paint and varnish strippers and uPVC cleaners and restorers.