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About Engineers Mate's Drill Bits - Masonry & SDS

Tough jobs call for tough tools and you’ll find masonry drill bits, multi material drill bits and both SDS Plus and SDS Max drill bits to tackle those tough jobs here at EMIP.

We hold a massive range of masonry drill bits in all sizes to suit the handyman, DIY enthusiast and professional tradesperson. Select the correct drill bit for your application and drill function ie. Rotary or hammer drill check product descriptions for multi use drill bits.

SDS (known internationally as Special Direct System) are used for heavy duty jobs. When choosing your SDS drill bits remember that SDS Plus drill bits and SDS Max drill bits are not interchangeable. SDS Plus bits are held in place by ball bearings which seat in the closed channels either side of the shank of the tool bit whereas SDS Max tool bits use a locking mechanism to secure them. Be sure to check the specification of your drill before ordering SDS drill bits.