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About Engineers Mate's Fillers

Fillers can be used to repair anything from a gaping hole to a hairline crack in exterior and interior surfaces and also replace and bond metal surfaces.  Assessing the host material and size or depth of hole or crack to be filled will help in choosing the correct filler for the job.

Wood fillers are available for both interior and exterior use. Exterior wood fillers are excellent for windowsill, door and garden furniture repairs where a waterproof solution is required. Multi-purpose wood fillers are flexible to resist shrinkage and can be used inside and out and can be sanded, stained, varnished and painted. Grain fillers are available in various wood finishes and help to fill pores and prevent sinking. 

Consider Caulk for filling architraves, skirting boards, ceiling cornices and around cupboards etc. or a flexible filler for linear gaps where movement may occur. All purpose filler can be used on plaster, wood stone and brick and is available in powder or ready mixed. Choose a paint-like filler for ease of application to restore or revive ceilings. Consider a spray filler for minor imperfections or hairline cracks.  A light consistency specialist filler is the best choice for plaster repairs to avoid slumping and shrinkage.  Foam fillers are suitable for interior and exterior use and can be directed into deep cavities to give a long lasting seal which insulates against moisture, sound and heat. Metal fillers offer a permanent repair to metals such as  steel, cast iron and aluminium and can be used to repair pipes, gutters and radiators.

Choose the right filler for your repair from our wide range of reliable brand name products.

Here you’ll find wood fillers, repair-for-good metal and wood fillers, expanding filler and guns, all purpose fillers and decorators caulk all from names you trust such as Polycell, Ronseal, Tetrion,and  Rustins.