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About Engineers Mate's Frame & Window Fixings

Whatever material you are fixing your frame to, you’ll find a suitable and effective solution here in our frame fixing section. For concrete frames search for our concrete frame screws. The high-low thread offer excellent holding capabilities and are stress free which allows for close-to-edge applications. Use for fixing door and window frames, and as a versatile fixing for DIY, joinery and plumbing projects. Concrete frame TORX screws are available both with and without covers caps and relevant TORX bit.  The Torx head is designed to prevent ‘cam-out’ (cam-out occurs when the driver bit disengages from the screw head recess) avoid cam-out by using the correct size TORX bit.  See our range of Frame plug and screw fixings for door and window frames and baton fixing. The plug is made from durable nylon with barbs to prevent the plug from rotating in the fixing hole. Select the correct size Pozi drive bit to avoid cam-out. For PVCu and aluminium profile see our selection of Nylon frame anchors. Nylon plugs have a glass fibre reinforced wedge for increased holding and durability.