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About Engineers Mate's Hexagon Keys

If you’re looking for hex keys you’re in the right place!  EMIP offer the widest range of hexagon keys and TORX keys in both imperial and metric sizes. For hard to reach applications we offer a range of long reach hexagon keys and for angled, tricky to reach fixings we have a selection of ball end hex keys. Browse our range to find T handle hexagon keys, individual hex keys, folding, and multi sleeve sets.  To avoid personal injury and fixings/tool damage always check the size and compatibility of your hexagon key and fastener. We offer hex and Torx keys in both metric and imperial for domestic and industrial use. Whilst metric and imperial are not interchangeable it is worth noting that many consumer items such as flat pack furniture, self-assembly and particle board assemblies most commonly require 4mm or 8mm hex keys because their size also corresponds to imperial sizes 5/32” and 5/16” which allows users to successfully use a metric or imperial hexagon key.