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About Engineers Mate's Sealants

Different materials and applications require different sealants to achieve a robust and reliable finish. Water based sealants are generally multi-purpose and suitable for interior use such as window frames and doors and can be painted once cured.  Silicone sealants are the best option where a waterproof seal is required. Kitchen and bathroom silicone sealers as well as other specialist sealants are both waterproof and contain fungicide to prevent mould formation.

Find the sealant you need to finish the job in our massive range of sealants. Find frame sealants, glazing and roofing sealants and multi-purpose sealants. We also stock specialist sealants for many projects including timber and laminate sealers, acoustic sealers, wet room sealers and fire resistant sealers. Included in this section is also a range of domestic and industrial use skeleton guns and nozzles for mastic, caulk and sealant application.